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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cthulhu's Unspeakable Hat

I finished the Cthulhu's hat for Dawn's birthday this morning. In Berroco Ultra Alpaca, the pattern can be found here: .

OK, I have to admit. I didn't use the yarn recommended. I didn't use the size needles recommended. I didn't exactly follow the pattern as written, except for the Cthulhu part. But it's based on Finlay Logan's pattern. I just, um, adapted it.

I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca for this hat. The ribbing is done with a US 6 circular. The solid colour parts are done on a US 7. And the Fair Isle bits are done with a US 8. My Fair Isle technique is not terrific, but it worked out OK. Hell, it's a hand-made hat, it's supposed to be a bit imperfect.

The Cthulhu hat as it is.

A blurry detail photo of Cthluhu.

I will be giving Dawn her hat today, for her birthday. One of the ones that ends in a zero. If she lets me, I'll put up a photo of her wearing it.

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