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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhinebeck: Part the Second

One of the things I wanted to do at Rhinebeck was buy yarn. I am a yarn whore. I admit it. I own it. I put it out there. So I went with the idea of buying stuff that I couldn't find easily at home, in my local yarn stores. I didn't bring all that much money, and since one cannot bring food into the fair grounds, some of that money was wasted (wasted, I tell you! wasted!) on food and drink. However, here is some of the stuff I was able to buy.

I wanted to bring an alpaca home with me. Truly, I did. But that, of course, cannot be. So I bought this little knitted finger puppet of an alpaca. Or a llama. It will have to do.

Pure alpaca yarn (almost as good as an alpaca!). I want to make a fair isle hat for myself in these colours, dark chocolate and white choclate. Yum!

Yes, more alpaca! This will become a hat for a friend, a fair isle hat in three colours. I think I'll have enough to get two hats out of this, with some careful planning.

This is a mix of merino, angora and silk. It absolutely shines in the sunlight. I already know I want to make a shawl with this, but now I'm hunting for a pattern.

Merino and angora. This is a gorgeous blue. I also got one of these in purple, but it didn't photograph very well (the colour looks more blue, and doesn't reflect the rich amethyst tones of the yarn).

This is pure merino, I think (the yarns are not with me where I'm blogging). I love this type of yarn, and look forward to making something nice for myself with it.

I also bought a drop spindle. My friend Jay knows the maker, and tested it for me, pronouncing it a well balanced spindle. Please note the fleur-de-lys design on it. I love the fleur-de-lys, so this makes me very happy. I had my first spinning lesson today, about which I shall blog later.

So this is some of the loot I got at Rhinebeck. I'm looking forward to making stuff with this yarn.

I only saw one person I know whilst there, but there's always next year. I had a terrific time, and plan on being there again next year. Only this time, I'll start saving up for it sooner, much, much sooner. Like this week.

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  1. You are a hoot! Money wasted on food... lol. I get what you're saying though, especially when you are on a mission to find yarns that are not readily available where you shop.
    The colors that you picked up are so rich, even the creams and browns, made me think of fudge, more food....
    As for patterns for your shawl, I met a woman at Common Cod who pointed me in th direction of the Ravelry group "11 shawls in 2011". There is a lot of diversity in patterns there, maybe you'll see something you like.
    Also, I was wondering, do you link your new posts to FB, Twitter or +1? Click on the little buttons under where it says Posted by Ken. It can drive more readers to your posts.