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Friday, July 8, 2011


I finished Lyle's Irish Hiking Scarf (, knitted in Cascade Eco Duo in a soft grey. The knitting was finally done, and all that was left was the blocking.

The scarf before blocking.

I pinned the scarf to my blocking board (a dress making board, that has a wonderful grid at one inch spaces), and spritzed it with some water.

Before spritzing, I evened it out along the board, and was able to do half the scarf at a go.

This is the scarf drying from the spritzing.

The blocking made the cables really pop, and while it didn't stretch out as wide as I thought it would, it did look a lot better after I'd blocked it.

I mailed it off to Lyle, and I hope he will send me a picture of himself wearing it. If he does, I'll post it here!

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