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Monday, December 20, 2010

To Ship or Not to Ship

What do you do when you've made a gift for someone's inamorata, and before you can ship it off to them, they break up? Do you send it? Do you keep it? I have a friend for whom I knit some Christmas gifts. I made something for her son's girlfriend, and just yesterday, knowing there was trouble in paradise, I took a quick peek on Facebook and discovered that he is now listing himself as single. High school relationships seldom last forever, but when I was knitting holiday gifts this summer, things looked good and I decided to include her in the family roll of gifts. Now what do I do with it? If I send it will it rub salt in the wounds? His? Hers? Do I keep it, and give it to someone else? I live in New England: there is always someone who needs a warm hat. But I made this with her in mind, choosing colours specifically for her. Decisions, decisions.

In other had news, I still have one more hat to make. I had hoped to be done with knitting holiday gifts this weekend so I could ship it all off. But this hat is giving me major tsuris, it has ear flaps, and it's done flat. I am really bad at sewing up seams on hats, so I try to make them in the round at every opportunity. I'll get it done today ('cause I really have no choice), and ship things off tomorrow, and hope that they reach their intended recipients before the big day.

After the holidays are over, I am going to do some knitting for me. Sure, I still have a list of requests (and even people who've bought the yarn), but I want to make something for myself. Or maybe finish one of the sweaters I have on the needles. I need some new sweaters, and it would be good to finish up the one I'm making with Rowan's British Sheep Breeds undyed wool. It's all knit up, front, back, sleeves, and I just need to join the pieces and make the collar, block it, and it's ready to wear.

Maybe after the new year I'll start again on projects for friends.

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