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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outta Control

It's kind of embarassing when you go to pay for your new yarn and your bank card fails.
Because you only have $4.67 in your account.
Because you already bought almost $200 worth of yarn within the last 24 hours.
And isn't it nice that the yarn store owner knows you and lets you take the yarn home, just send a cheque next week, thanks.

I went to pay for said yarn yesterday. And while I was there, picked up some other stuff that caught my fancy. Cascade has this beautiful alpaca/merino yarn in natural colours that I just couldn't resist. Two skeins for a new scarf for me, thanks. And a couple skeins of a wildly coloured malabrigo that I couldn't put down. Should I take it? Should I leave it? What will I make with it? Arrgghh! So I bought it.

I have promised myself that when the mishegas that is school ends for the term that I will take some pictures of some of the more beautiful yarns in my stash. I'm hoping my friend Jesse will help me with this project, since I don't really have a place to actually photograph stuff. And I might ask Todd to help with it, since he's a wicked good photographer, and can maybe offer advice.

But I was asked at the store if I photograph my finished objects, since I am always buying so much beautiful yarn. Well, no. Once I'm done I never think to take pictures of the stuff I make. But this has put the bee in my bonnet and I'm going to try to photograph all the Christmas presents before I ship them off. And the stuff I made for the reunion that got rescheduled to January.

But I'm out of control. I need to rein in the impulse to buy more yarn. And more yarn. While it may be true that the person with the most yarn when they die wins, I'm not so certain I'll be up for using the prize.


  1. :)

    I'd be happy to take photos of whatever you need photographed!

  2. 1) Yes, you should absolutely get pictures of stash and FOs, and put them up on Ravelry. Document, document, document!

    2) Have you considered switching some of your stash activity from buying to swapping? If you like, I can bring over some of my stash around Tgiving or Xmas and you can see if there's anything I've got that you like better than something you've got. You must have some gifted or purchased yarn lying around that you know you'll really never use, and this way you can acquire new yarn with no expenditure of either money or storage space!

    This coming from the woman who has spent over a hundred and fifty euros on French yarn in the past month alone, mind you, but do what I say and not what I do. :)