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Friday, March 25, 2016

Like a Real Librarian

I haven't had much time for knitting over the last week or so, since I've decided to get that Yarn Catalogue done. I had started on it after I moved to New Orleans, when my computer flat lined and died. Eleven bins into the mishegas I call my stash, I was too disheartened to start again, even using Brandon's computer. Okay, I'm rough, and tough, and ready to tackle the stash! I designed a new template for my Xcel spread sheet. It looks like:

Brand/Colourway/Actual Colour/Fibre/Yards/Ounces-Grams/Weight/Where Purchased/Notes

The last cell is great, because I can add so much information, like if it was a gift and from whom, or if there is more of the same yarn in a different bin. I know for a fact that I've accidentally separated some skeins that would do better together, but I'm too damn lazy to open the bin and find the yarn and move it from one to another. But I do remember when I find a similar yarn, and so I can cross reference them. I feel like such a librarian!

I might consolidate some of the bins. I've done 16 of them so far, but there are a couple that are smaller, and Brandon said I could use one of his bins, now that it's been emptied of books and stuff, it's ripe to accept some woolly goodness! I also packed some yarn in cardboard boxes when I left Boston, because it was all over my room and had never made it to a bin (read: I needed more bins but was afraid to ask my friends to drive me to the store where I could acquire more). The trials and tribulations of being a yarn whore.

What knitting I have done has been on the scarf I'm making from the Swans Island yarn. It's so soft, but even though I'm putting a garter border on it, it's curling something fierce, and I believe it will curl even after blocking, even though the picture showed that it flattened out. So I've done 15 iterations of a ten-row pattern, and I still might rip the damn thing out. I haven't touched the Death of the Moon shawl in over two weeks, because I'm now on eight rows of green yarn on green needles, and the light isn't bright enough to help see the yarn for the needles, and I'm not ready yet to go outside and knit, because the weather can be quite wonky.

At the knitting group on Wednesday afternoons, I met a delightful young woman who is originally from Lithuania, who finished her Ph. D. at Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio), and is looking for knitting buddies. She's away for the weekend, but we're going to try to meet up at a cafe next week, to sit and chat and knit. I'm excited, I like having knitting buddies, and she'll be my first in my new city.

So even though not much knitting has been done (and that which has been done might get ripped out), I feel quite accomplished with the cataloguing and meeting a new buddy.

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