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Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Orleans' Yarn Haul

I'm back in New Orleans for an extra long weekend (five whole days!), and of course I made a trip to the Quarter Stitch and to Bornside Yarns. Because when there are two yarn stores within walking distance, it's a clever thing to visit both. Of course, they're in opposite directions, but that didn't matter at all. Since I've been to the Quarter Stitch so many times, a couple of the people who work there remember me, and that's really nice. I got to hear about Jen's trip to Ireland working as a crewhand on a sailing ship, and the different things going on in town. At Bornside Yarns, the owner didn't quite remember me, but after I supplied a couple hints, she sort of did. We got to talking about things to do in New Orleans, Unitarians, Catholic churches, and things to do around the year. In all, both were very good visits.

At Quarter Stitch, I picked up some Malabrigo Rios.
One skein of Azul Profundo to make a hat.

Two skeins of Bobby Blue, to make a shawlette.

At Bornside Yarns, I got more yarn!

 One skein each of undyed Plymouth Homstead Yarns, in brown and white.

Two skeins of Wisdom Yarns' Poems Silk, 75%wool and 25% silk.
Not sure yet what this will become, but it's soft and lovely, and shimmers.

On the whole, some really good haul for a few hours' shopping at two really lovely yarn stores.


  1. It was great seeing you, as always! And I totally DID see you on the parade route, I was just so exhausted and dehydrated by that time that I couldn't even react anymore. Sorry about that. I hope you had the best time! -Jen

    1. Thanks! It looks like I'm moving to the area in late December, early January. I'll be sure to stop in! And glad you enjoyed the parade!