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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Like that Little Train

I've been dog sitting this week, and the time I would spend knitting (5:00 AM to 7:00 AM) has been spent getting ready for work and travelling, and I still get to work later than when I'm at home. So very little knitting has gotten done. I did finish Mike's scarf at knit night on Friday, but not much else has been done. When I get home on Sunday, I shall devote the following six days to making Tim's scarf (same yarn, different colour), attempting to knit 10 inches each day. Like The Little Engine that Could,

The other knitting I've brought along with me while dog sitting is what will probably turn out to be the last of the Honey Cowls (number six!). In Madeline Tosh Vintage (as opposed to DK), the colourway is Tart. That always makes me laugh. I'd show a picture, but I'm only about eight rows from casting on, and it doesn't look like much except a tangled schmatta on circular needles. But I think it will be gorgeous when done.

I'm still trying to determine a pattern for my niece's scarf. I like Malachite (free pattern on Ravelry) by Alina Appasova. It looks like this (please note that I did not knit this sample, that I ganked the photo from the Ravelry page):
My only worry is that it would knit up slowly because of all the single stitch cables. But it is lovely! The niece is in her Freshman year in college, and is in New York's snowbelt, so I know it's going to get cold and that she'll need some warm and wooly things to keep her from freezing. I've got the yarn to make her several cowls (I kinda went crazy during the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl), and not all of it is green (her favourite colour). She needs to have some variety.

I really am feeling confident that I can pull it all off (well, the revised knittery), and finish this cowl, two more scarves, a sweater, and then three more cowls. Like the picture above says, I think I can, I think I can!

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