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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rhinebeck and Where I Am Now

I am a wicked blogger (and I mean that in its original sense, not its Boston sense). I was doing so well keeping up with getting my two entries a month. Ah, well. The well laid plans of mice an men oft gang awry.

My friend Jay mentioned to me the other day that he has found us a place to stay for Rhinebeck. We'll be staying with a friend of his and get to see the sheep and wool festival both Saturday and Sunday. This means we'll be able to see more demonstrations than we did the last time we went. Spinning, weaving, and maybe even dog trials! Wot larks! Of course I've started to put aside some money, just in case there is yarn for me to buy. Because yarn bought at sheep and wool festivals doesn't count when you're on a yarn diet.

The needles: What's on 'em? Well, I'm still working feverishly on Honey Cowl #4. And Irish Hiking Scarf #2. And the sweater. And the lace. And another scarf.

My plan of attack is thus:
August: Finish Honey Cowl #4.
September: Finish IHS #2, start IHSs #s 3, 4, 5, & 6.
October: Finish sweater (at home project), and make simple scarves 1 & 2 (knit night projects).
November: Finish Milanese Loop Cowls, or come up with other projects instead for those recipients.
December: Honey Cowls 5 & 6.
January: Drink heavily.

OK, I don't really drink all that much.

However, this is going to be a stash busting four months! IHSs 3-5 are all stash! Honey Cowls 5 & 6 are stash! The sweater yarn, purchased a year ago for this project might as well be considered stash, so the sweater is stash! Woohoo! I'm gonna bust that stash so much!

Well, not really. I'll barely make a dent.


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