This is mostly a knitting blog. Sometimes pictures of things I've made, sometimes not. I'm a guy who knits, I usually attend a men's stitch 'n' bitch on Monday nights, and I prefer natural fibres to artificial ones. I have a love-hate relationship with bamboo yarns: I love what they can do and how they look, I hate how they are made. I've been knitting since about 2003, though I really didn't get into it until 2005, while convelescing with a broken leg. I must have discovered something good, 'cause I'm still knitting years later.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Knit Night

I am finally getting serious about my yarn collection. Recently, I had to buy a couple more bins to hold it all. I've been putting the stuff that's been sitting on the papa-san sofa in my room into zip-loc baggies, and noting where I got it and what it is. There's a lot of yarn on my sofa for someone who isn't currently buying yarn. I wish there were an on-line way to catalogue the yarn, or something like Library Thing for yarn. Sure, there's a feature on Ravelry to list one's stash, but mine has gotten a bit out of control, and needs some serious catalogue help.

I have been attending a couple of knit-nights, on Mondays and Fridays. The one on Mondays is for gay men, held in a small and uber cool cafe. The other is held in one of the LYSs I like to frequent. The Monday group has kind of died a slow and painful death. I was the only person to show up the last two weeks, even though I'd gotten commitments from a couple of other knitters that they'd be there. I will give it a few more tries, and then I think I'm done.

The Friday night group has wine! I think that's why it's so popular. I stick to seltzer water, myself, since wine makes me giddy, and when I get giddy I tend to think of ice as the past tense of water. I am often the only guy who shows up at this knit-night, though sometimes there's another guy there. And often there's a dog or two there. Jeannie, a retired racing greyhound, is the sweetest dog, with a pretty face, and a strong desire to get skritched. I oblige her as often as I can.

It's gotten to the point where my Friday night knitting group is the high point of my week. I like seeing what everyone is working on, and usually bring three of four projects I have on the needles with me. Of course I usually only work on one, perhaps two, of them, but I never know what I'll be in the mood for when I am leaving the house, so I bring a variety to choose from. It keeps me out of trouble.

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