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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turning Behrs into Bears

There have been several men I've known in my life (well, more than several) about whom it could be said that when they took their shirt off it looked like they were wearing a sweater. These guys are so hairy chested that you don't need to knit them a mohair sweater, they're genetically programmed to grow their own. But for the guys in your life who are not hairy chested, but who want to be, you could make them this.
You could make the hair colour match that of the guy you're knitting it for. You could increase or decrease the happy trail. You could give him a hairy back, if he wanted it. No longer do our smooth brethren need to stay smooth! Beardom can be for everyone.

Now if I could only find a pattern to match this picture I found on the internet. . . .

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