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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tinking Mohair & Other Hairy Tales

Knitting with mohair is fraught with peril.
Knitting with three strands of mohair is fraught with even more peril.

So I'm making this scarf from Shibui Silk Cloud and I'm knitting and purling, purling and knitting like one does. And I'm knitting with three strands, like one does, because knitting with a single strand would make a garment so insubstantial, so ethereal, so . . .so . . . so wispy that it almost wouldn't be there. So there I am working with a triple strand and sometimes I only pick up two of the strands. And sometimes *duhn duhn duhn!* I only pick up one of the strands.


So I have actually tinked back on a mohair project and lived to tell the tale! I was successfully able to tink back about 34 stitches, and when I look at it, I can't tell where. Oh, it was tricky, I'll admit. Devilishly painstaking. One might even say it was hairy! And since I made the mistake at night, I waited until morning to make the correction.

Piece o' cake.

At least, that's what I want you to believe.

This is the project in question.

At the bottom is a block made from three strands of ivory; followed by two strands of ivory and one of graphite; followed by two of graphite and one of ivory; followed by three of graphite; followed by two of graphite and one of suit; followed by two of suit and one of graphite.

I am beginning to think it's a bit monochromatic, and that the differences between the graphite and suit aren't great enough to be really noticeable. But I am NOT going to tink back what's already there and throw in a few more blocks of ivory between the graphite and the suit. Not even I am that willing to tempt fate!

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