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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spinning Wheel

Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary for Mind's Eye Yarns, one of the local shops I just love. People who made purchases during the sale were entered into a drawing for an Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel.

I won.

I don't know how to spin.

I don't care.

I'll learn.

I had my first lesson this week.

I totally suck at spinning, but I really liked it. I need to practice, and get another lesson or two (or many more) because it's really cool to see yarn from fluffy stuff.

Here's the wheel. I might name it Lucita (that's in Andalucian, so it's pronounced "Luthita").

Right now it's sitting in my room, just begging me to give it a whirl.


  1. congratulations, Ken! There's so much to learn about spinning - take a class, watch videos on YouTube... once you get the hang of it you'll LOVE it! - I was told to start by treadling. you want the wheel to move clockwise as you pedal, and you want to pedal slowly and consistantly. Once you can do that while doing other things, you'll be well on your way to becoming a spinner!

  2. Wow wow wow wow wow. I've been to Ashburton where they make these things and have seen a store-full of them, and all I can say is: wow. Go you!