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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

David's Scarf

Last week saw David and me prowling the shelves at Stitch House in Dorchester, looking for a yarn with which to make him a scarf. He had said, when he asked me to undertake this project, that he'd had a green scarf that his grandmother had made for him when he was a child. It was a variegated green yarn, and the way he described it made me think instantly of acrylic.

I don't knit in acrylic.

No, not even baby things. For those I'll use cotton.

So with green yarn in mind, we looked at the shelves. What he ended up buying, Noro Kogarashi (51% silk, 49% wool), had some green in it, but like every other Noro yarn I've knitted with (Silk Garden and Kureyon), the colours were varied and moved from one to another. I was a bit surprised. But there is green in the yarn, and it's knitting up beautifully. I'm using a 1x1 rib, to give the effect of stockinette, but without the curl that stockinette inevitably has.

I've got about a foot of knitting done. The scarf starts with green, merges to brown, purple, grey, and back to two different shades of green. And I've only encountered one knot in it so far!

Detail of the golden brown merging into the purple and then the grey.

David is a newbie to knitting, and I am not sure he knows what he's getting into with this stuff. When I've got a few more inches done on it, I'll send him a picture to see if he likes it.

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