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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad knitter, no yarn!

I've not posted much recently, for a variety of reasons. Partly I haven't done a whole lot of knitting (I didn't pick up the needles between 3 Feb and 10 Feb) in the last few weeks. My mind has been elsewhere, and I've felt no call to the needles. Until this week. Finished a hat for Joel and started a scarf for Alex and worked on Carlene's lace scarf and made something that needs to be felted (with more to come -- plans, baby, I've got BIG plans!) and looked over a hat pattern for Tom and thought about making a sweater for myself (never mind the six or seven or eight sweaters I already have on the needles) and thought about a lacy scarf or shawl in the gorgeous Shibui mohair/silk I got and thought that I'd like to get more Shibui mohair/silk, but in green and maybe that gorgeous cobalt blue and did some prep work for my trip to New Orleans and can I think of anything to add without the use of a comma?

Deep breath!

I do love a run-on sentence.

One of the big things looming on my calendar is a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Of course I shall take some time out of a busy schedule, filled with parades, swamp tours, plantation tours, carousing, and dreams of fornication to visit Quarter Stitch, that delightful yarn (and needlepoint) store in the French Quarter. I might even buy some stuff. Or not, since money is tight. But I'll probably come away with something lovely. I always manage to find yarn that I can't find at home.

I'm bringing my computer to Mardi Gras. I'll post any new yarn I pick up. And my on-the-plane project is a chemo cap in cotton for the sister-in-law of a friend. I've got the pattern picked out, the cotton yarn, in a beautiful dusty rose, and the needles all put aside, ready to be placed in my backpack and keep me busy whilst in the air. And on the ground at the layover. And while my buddies are sleeping in (am I the only person who really doesn't need much sleep during MG? I believe that I'll get plenty of sleep when I'm dead) I can get some knitting done. Maybe. If I'm not out getting beignets and cafe-au-lait.

By the way, the Quarter Stitch still does not have a website. I think I'll speak to the owner about that. It's such a delightful store, it needs an on-line presence.

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